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Resting on the edge of the Arctic Circle and sitting atop one of the world’s most volcanically active hot spots, Iceland is an inspiring mix of magisterial glaciers, bubbling hot springs and rugged fjords, where activities such as hiking under the Midnight Sun are complemented by healthy doses of history and literature.

Now close to a million foreigners visit annually — three times the national population — and Iceland is on a steep learning curve as it struggles to cope with tourist-driven inflation and sagging infrastructure at popular sights.

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Losing a passport is one of the most horrible things that you can face when you are on a trip. You do not need one if your travel is well within the boundaries of the nations. However, if you leave the country and travel to a different country, this is the basic document that proves your identity and also protects you against a lot of suspicious stories, in case if they doubt your arrival and case in that country. But remember, losing a passport is not the end of your life. So here are some of the things that you can possibly do in the event that you have your passport lost or stolen in a foreign country: Ensure the situation: The first thing that you have to do when…